On Sunday the 24th of November, I brought a small group to Glendalough Upper Lake. We walked from the car park along the lake to Miner’s Village,  up the zig zag trail at the end of the valley and at the bridge which goes over the stream, we left the trail and wooden boards for a more adventurous hike up to Lugduff.

Lugduff, is part of a mountain ridge which separate the 2 glacial valleys of Glenmalure and Glendalough , with a breathtaking view of the mountains , the surroundings and the Irish sea in the distance. On a clear day, one can sea the coast of Wales from Mullacor, the summit of that ridge.  On the way up, we had a wildlife encounter as we met a Stag resting (probably because the mating season has just ended !)

Nevertheless, to see it that close was a very nice experience and one of the highlight of our day in Wicklow . Unfortunately, I forgot to pack my camera in my rucksack and only use my mobile.

From Lugduff, we made our way back to the Spinc and to the Upper Lake. Because we were in the clouds, the use of navigational tools became essential. On our way home, we stopped in a pub for a cup of tea and coffee and to exchange few photos. We had a lovely day.

Next hike; Sunday the 01st of December early morning ( the hike will start at 5am) to Lugnaquilla to see the sunrise.