FAQ Level of fitness.   

Our day or weekend hikes are graded as followed;

Easy: gentle gradient on forestry tracks 

           3 to 4 hours in duration.

Moderate: moderate gradient on forestry tracks and small trails

           4 to 5 hours in duration.

Hard: Moderate to steep gradient using trails and off trails

           6 to 7 hours or more in duration. 

Challenging: Moderate to steep gradient with no tracks and some scrambling sections of 8 hours in duration or more.

Note; The time given includes breaks for a drink, snack and photographic experiences.

We recommend anybody willing to go hiking to have some sort of physical exercise beforehand like: cycling, walking, swimming or else …but you don’t need to be an expert either. Anybody can go on a hike with us and we will accommodate our hikes accordingly to your abilities.

Our Mountain Leader or Guide is very experience, fully qualified and hold a ML award from the UK and Ireland and is fully insured and hold a REC 3 first aid.Your Guide who will lead these activities will maintain a high level of safety throughout these activities.  However, and for their own safety, it is important that participants follow the instructions given by your guide.

Hill walking, rambling and climbing are activities that can be dangerous and may result in personal injuries or /and death. Participants should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement. 


A  40 litre Rucksack. 

In Rucksack 

Rucksack liner

Waterproof trousers

Waterproof jacket    (Columbia Titanium type)

Light fleece jacket

Spare clothing


Food for breaks ; Chocolate, biscuits, dried fruit.

Drinks: water  (in Winter ; a hot drink )

Fork or spoon

First Aid Kit

Walking poles ( essential )

Balaclava (optional)

Head torch (optional)

Midges net (optional)

Spare laces

Note; Pack foods and breaks in freezer bags rather than small Tupperware  boxes.

On Yourself

Hiking boots

Thermal socks + thicker socks


Fleece jacket (Polartec 100 rating )

Base layer

A Swiss army knife type

Food for breaks like; Chocolate …  One or two breaks

Hat & Gloves

Sun Glasses