REC3 First Aid Training

Rescue Emergency Care level 3 or REC3 is ideal for people working or doing any leisure activities in the outdoors included sea activities or in the Irish mountains. REC3 First Aid Training is vital in an emergency and could save someone’s life.

Part of the course is indoor which covers most of the theory and an outdoor session which uses a balance of learning and practical intermixed with scenarios of real situations.

Approved by Scouting Ireland and Mountaineering Ireland, it is ideally suited to outdoor activities which include: canoeing, hiking, climbing, kayaking, mountain guiding, Gaisce participants.

First aid training with the REC scheme is easy and fun. This 2 days course is progressive by building on each session, introducing new scenarios to test all techniques for:

Emergency: Participants will learn how to observe vital signs in an emergency and take action. Focusing on common injuries and checking for unconsciousness, choking, bleeding, breathing and circulation problems and how to preform cpr.

Illness and Injury: You learn the signs of common aliments such as chest pain, stroke, asthma, epilepsy. You will also learn the proper techniques to aid broken bones.

Health & Safety: recording accidents • first aid kits

Environment: heat stress • cold stress • hot injuries • cold injuries

Rescue: transportation • communication reviews learning during course • practical assessment.

Is REC3 training right for you?

Beautiful landscape photograph of lake during a hiking trip in Ireland. The sun reflecting in the water

  • Will you be able to take control of an incident until a nurse, doctor or ambulance arrives?
  • Are you able to cope with common occurrences such as illness, injury, or collapse?
  • Do you have the confidence and competence to deliver First Aid assistance in an Emergency?

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