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Mountain Skills 1 and 2

Ever wanted to learn the skills you need to become a competent navigator in the mountains of Ireland and beyond by day, by night or bad weather?

Hiking along the Irish mountains can be a thrilling and rewarding experience, offering breathtaking views and a chance to stretch out your legs. However, poor visibility can turn this enjoyable activity into a dangerous one. Poor visibility can arise due to various weather conditions such as fog, heavy rain, snowstorms, or low-lying clouds.

The risks associated with poor visibility include an increased likelihood of getting lost, accidents, and falls due to obscured hazards on the trail. Additionally, hikers may face exposure to changing weather conditions without adequate preparation, leading to potential health issues. Poor visibility and weather conditions can also hinder rescue operations and limit communication options in case of emergencies.

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REC3 First Aid Training

Rescue Emergency Care level 3 or REC3 is ideal for people working or doing any leisure activities in the outdoors included sea activities or in the Irish mountains. REC3 First Aid Training is vital in an emergency and could save someone’s life.

Part of the course is indoor which covers most of the theory and an outdoor session which uses a balance of learning and practical intermixed with scenarios of real situations.

With Mountain Adventures 74 we provide Mountain Skills courses which will teach you the necessary skills to avoid trouble while hiking.

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We provide group hikes, guided hiking tours and school hikes.  Our hikes can be one day, weekend or over few days. Hiking safety tips Our hikes are graded as: easy, moderate, or challenging. Our hikes are not only enjoyable, but educational too!

We provide a full range of guided hikes across the island to Kerry, Connemara, Donegal, the Mourne mountains, the Wicklow mountains, and many other locations.

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Our team of experts offer mouth watering special offers. From adventurous waterfall treks to the multiday trips, our collection of mountain destinations are irresistible.


Kerry Mountains

KERRY. The mountains of Kerry located in the South-West of the country are probably one of the most dramatic mountains in Ireland. Carrauntoohil is the highest mountain on the island of Ireland at 1040m. KERRY [...]



GALTYMORE. Galtymore is one of the popular mountain range to hike in Ireland. Located in the South-West of the country between county Limerick and county Tipperary, Galtymore sits at an altitude of 918 m [...]



DONEGAL. ERRIGAL TRAIL and GROGAN BEG. Our hike will start from Money beg and follow the Errigal trail. We then go up to Grogan Beg and have our lunch at Mullincrick Lough looking at [...]

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